Quick Review: Riser – Big Fun

Raucous, rowdy and riveting LA experimental rock band, Big Fun’s third studio album: Riser touches serious topics with a fuzz ridden fervor. A powerful, grunge inspired call back to the beginnings of doom metal with a playful funkadelic electronic twist, with squealing guitar slides and percussive hard rock drum style. Lyrical symbolism and contagious synths carry this project from trio Nasty Kathy(key tar), Beef Angel(bass) and BingBong (drums). This track gets goofy and serious in same motion with tracks from the indulgent nonsense of The Teriyaki Tango to growling severity of Jail, while the entire record has you bouncing there is a genuine analysis of society in the underlying meaning. This is a perfect new track for fans of Guerrilla Toss and Alien Nosejob. I personally recommend the tracks Geranium Tapline, The Teriyaki Tango and Black Widow in particular.

Credited to Indira


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