WCRD Basic Facts

WCRD is the formal station ID (as of Jan. 2022) of the student–run FM radio station at Ball State University, Muncie, IN.  It has been the university’s original “immersive learning” experience as it serves as an applied learning laboratory for BSU students interested in media and radio. The informal ID (standing for “Cardinal Radio Dave”) gives reference to Ball State alum David Letterman, who in the 1980s provided initial funding to the station during its earlier “AM carrier-current,” non-broadcast days.

Holding an FCC license since 2022, the station broadcasts at 91.3 FM.  Its signal is from WCRD.net and may be accessed over the TuneIn and RFX apps. WCRD operates independently of the other four FM radio stations licensed to Ball State and which are affiliated with National Public Radio.

WCRD broadcasts music representing a variety of music genres, talk shows, sports-related programs, up-to-date weather forecasts, a weekday evening newscast and regular news brief updates. For more information, contact WCRD Student General Manager, at WCRD@bsu.edu, or WCRD Faculty Advisor Sonny Wingler at pawingler@bsu.edu.