Cold Night Ahead

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Our temperatures will drop into the upper teens with still gusty winds. Winds will be gusting up to 25 mph and with temperatures dropping to around 18, wind chills can drop into the single digits. Make sure that you have a jacket with you if you plan on doing any late night activities.


While the snow that impacted us today may be bothersome to many, there is a warm up on the way but it will take some time before we get to feel the early spring like temperatures. Thursday and Friday, temperatures will hover only in the lower 30s with still gusty winds up to 25 mph. Moving into Saturday, we can see temperatures jump into the 40s and the sun will make a return. Moving into the end of the week, Sunday, temperatures will jump into the 50s with partly cloudy conditions and starting off next week on Monday, temperers will reach the mid to upper 50s but rain showers and cloudy conditions are going to be in the area.


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