Snow, Rain and Sunny skies

Tonight: For tonight our temperatures are expected to stay in the mid to high 20 degree range, with cloudy skies. We will be experiencing some westward winds at 7-14 mph. There is a 60% chance of snow flurries expected this evening right before 8pm and again before 1am. There should not be too much of a snowfall where the roads will be slick but still be cautious. Be sure to bundle up and stay warm.

7-Day Forecast: As we head into the week we can expect a fluctuating forecast ahead. With the temperatures ranging from the mid 20-30’s to end this week, but we will see partly sunny skies on Friday and Saturday. Expect the temp to rise with the high nearing 54 degrees for Sunday-Wednesday. Along with temperature increase there are expected showers coming in to kickoff the beginning of next week with precipitation expected to be a 60% chance. Please enjoy your week as some may be headed off to start your spring break!

–Weather forecaster Ky’Lie Garland-Yates


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