Snow, Rain and Sunny skies

Tonight: For tonight our temperatures are expected to stay in the mid to high 20 degree range, with cloudy skies. We will be experiencing some westward winds at 7-14 mph. There is a 60% chance of snow flurries expected this evening right before 8pm and again before 1am. There should not be too much of a snowfall where the roads will be slick but still be cautious. Be sure to bundle up and stay warm.

7-Day Forecast: As we head into the week we can expect a fluctuating forecast ahead. With the temperatures ranging from the mid 20-30’s to end this week, but we will see partly sunny skies on Friday and Saturday. Expect the temp to rise with the high nearing 54 degrees for Sunday-Wednesday. Along with temperature increase there are expected showers coming in to kickoff the beginning of next week with precipitation expected to be a 60% chance. Please enjoy your week as some may be headed off to start your spring break!

–Weather forecaster Ky’Lie Garland-Yates


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This Spring, the College of Communication, Information, and Media will be continuing their efforts to advance the health and safety of all Ball State students, faculty, staff, and campus visitors. With that in mind, the organization has postponed SuperParty to Wednesday, January 26 at 6:00 p.m. to ensure students have more time on campus