Ball State Has Announced its COVID-19 Era Plans For the L.A. Pittenger Student Center.

Muncie, IN – The center will continue to offer services within the ball state campus. These services include the Tally Food Court, Starbucks, Post Office, Ball State Federal Credit Union ATM, and Hot heads on campus.

The university plans to begin a phased approach of reopening the building completely. As of right now, hours of operation during the work week include opening at 7 am and closing at 5:30 pm. Only the first floor and basement can only be accessed through the North and South Entrances through July. The center is closed on the weekends.

If you need to visit an office contact them individually to see if they are open.

Face masks are always required within the building. Student center staff will continue to practice disinfection procedures for COVID – 19 protocol. Physical distancing signs will be spread throughout the building and all bathrooms will have proper hand washing signs posted within them. Hand Sanitizer stations will be placed at all entrances of the building, outside each restroom, and at other high-volume locations.

Events hosted in the student center will follow social distancing protocols with room and occupancy limits a factor. Set up times will increase to ensure that the room is properly sanitized and cleaned and spaces will only host one or two events a day. Events that cannot be done virtually will be given priority to encourage video conferences whenever possible. It is recommended to host events outdoors as often as possible, weather permitting.

The plan in all its detail can be found here.


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