Racism Being Condemned by Muncie’s City Hall

Munice,IN- A resolution, 13-20, has been passed during a Muncie Common Council meeting this past Monday to condemn racism within the community.

Councilwoman Anita Davis had her own opinions on the unanimously approved resolution.

She believed that Muncie had to address racism in some way. She also believes that racism has no place in on the council.

She goes on to state that that language in contracts and economic development that can be covert.

In a quote with the Ball State daily news “I just want us to make sure that we’re watching our decision making, that we’re checking with one another to make sure that we’re not accidentally doing or saying things to exclude others because it can happen,” Davis said. “We’re going to work together, recognize that there are problems and work through them together.”

Ari Hurwitz, who is a candidate for the Delaware County Council, believes that this is a good first step but believes that more should be done.

Hurwitz also says that structural racism is just as alive in Muncie and Delaware County as anywhere else.

He expects the council do some “real soul searching” citing the tearing down of confederate statues as an example of a movement that could finally be taking hold within

Audio recorded by Dimitri Napoleon and the WCRD News Department


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