Is the Sunny Weather going to Stick Around?

Tonight: Happy Friday, the current temperature is 86 degrees with Southwest winds coming at 16 mph. Expect it to get a little cooler by nightfall but nothing drastic. As the winds continue and the gust remains through the night I would wear a light jacket if heading out. The skies will remain mostly clear throughout the night.

Tomorrow: For Saturday expect mostly sunny skies, the high nearing 81 and the low being in the 60 degree range. There will be some South southwest winds present and a gust as high as 18 mph. By the night time it will be mostly cloudy and the winds are expected to calm down.

Seven Day: Going into the seven day we can see that the temperatures are staying fairly consistent for the highs, which are in the 70-80 degree range mostly. There is expected sunshine, clouds and rain present all in one week. The forecast seems to be normal and calm despite the possible chance of a thunderstorm that is suppose to hit by Monday night. Be safe and enjoy the weekend.

–Weather Forecaster: Ky’Lie Garland-Yates


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