Warm Temperatures Continue

Warm Temperatures Continue post thumbnail image

Tonight- Expect to see temperatures drop to the low 50’s tonight wit the winds staying on the calmer side at around 5-7 mph. Tonight skies will be clear with mere cloud coverage.

Tomorrow- As we look into tomorrow, we expect to see an even warmer day then today. Highs will warm up to the 80s topping out at 82 degrees. The low tomorrow will drop down to 60 degrees. Tomorrow night is definitely a night to enjoy outside!

7- Day Forecast- Throughout the past couple of weeks, we have definitely seen a fluctuation of temperatures. In the next week we will see temperatures dropping. As we look at this forecast we can see that our fall weather might be returning slowly, but surely. In the next couple of days we will see more cloud coverage throughout Muncie.

-Weather Forecaster Rachel Stinger


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