Sunny Weather Here To Stay Yay or Nay?

Tonight: It is a wonderful Friday, so happy Friday everyone.It is currently  71 degrees out with the low for the night being 45. Currently we are experiencing Southwest winds at 7 mph. As temperatures are expected to drop tonight, I do advise wearing a light jacket if heading out.

Tomorrow: For Saturday morning it will be all sunshine with the expected high being 72 degrees. The low for Saturday night will be a chilly 49 degrees, temperatures are expected to drop. Experience some light South southeast winds at 7 mph. The sun is expected to shine throughout the duration of the day.

Seven Day: As we can see there is a lot of sun expected in the next coming days. The highs are pretty consistent with staying in the 70 degree range. For Tuesday, there is a 40% chance of showers to occur in the afternoon time but then suppose to clear up. Other than the precipitation expected the forecast seems to be pretty nice. Towards the middle of next week temperatures are expected to drop back down to the mid 50’s for the high and the low is expected to be even colder. Enjoy the nice weather while its still out there!

-Weather forecaster: Ky’Lie Garland-Yates


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