Warm Temperatures Continue

Warm Temperatures Continue post thumbnail image

Tonight: Although high temperatures are almost reaching the upper 40s, expect lows to still drop below freezing. The temperature will drop to 22 degrees tonight. Winds will stay calm nearing 5-10 mph. Skies will stay mostly cloudy and conditions will stay dry.

Tomorrow: The past couple of Fridays we have had sunny skies. Tomorrow will also be sunny and even warmer! The high will be 45 degrees with winds ranging from 5-10 mph coming out of the Southeast. Conditions will be clear until the evening hours. There is a chance for some showers in the Muncie area. Winds will become stronger during the evening hours with the possibility of 20 mph. Expect a clear day tomorrow, but be prepared for some possible rain in the evening.

7-Day Forecast: We have experienced quite a warm up. Those warm temperatures will continue and we can also see some upper 50s in the forecast. This weekend there is a chance for some rain showers on Sunday with the high reaching almost 60 degrees. Moving into the work week, expect more sunshine and temperatures nearing 50 degrees.

-Weather Forecaster Rachel Stinger


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