Temperature Roller Coaster

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Good evening everyone! It has been a while since the weather team has updated the page, but be sure to tune in weekly for our articles from now on!

Currently, we are sitting above freezing at 38 degrees and winds have calmed down for the day to around 10 mph. This makes it feel a little less chilly outside than it has felt today! Here is our current forecast:

Tonight, temperatures will drop into the mid 20s, so be sure to keep your winter coat, gloves, and hat handy, especially with those winds. Winds will begin to calm down in the later evening hours. As for tomorrow, temperatures will rise once again into the 40s with breezy conditions around 10-15mph. Tomorrow will remain cloudy for most of the day, but chances for rain increase as we move into tomorrow evening around dinner time.

As we move into spring, temperatures will fluctuate from warm to cold! We have seen this over the past couple of weeks. We have gone from 30s and 40s to 70s and almost 80 degrees! Today we only saw a high of around 40 degrees, so we are on a cooler trend for now. As for the rest of this week, expect temperatures to quickly ramp up as we move into Wednesday. We go from around 48 degrees on Tuesday to mid-70s by mid-week! This is a usual pattern for springtime and this warm air will not stick around for long. Expect rain showers as we move into the end of the week. Beginning Wednesday, we will see a wet pattern continue into next week with some breaks. I hope everyone enjoys the warm day on Wednesday and everyone stays dry!

-Chief Weather Forecaster Rachel Stinger

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