BSU hits new donation record

According to the One Ball State Website, Ball State was able to raise $1,012,653 and received 7,199 gifts.

Jean Crosby, President of the Ball State University Foundation and Vice President of University Advancement expressed her gratitude. “We continue to be amazed at, and extremely grateful for, the generous support our University continues to receive from our alumni, faculty, and staff, students, parents, and friends."

On his official Twitter account, Ball State President Geoffrey Mearns said, “I am grateful to all our students, parents, faculty, staff, alumni, and friends who participated in One Ball State Day. Every year, this incredible event reminds me of why I am grateful and proud to serve as the President of Ball State.”

One Ball State Day is an event that brings Cardinals from around the world together to promote the University through 24 hours of fundraising and engagement.

Last year, Ball State raised more than $900,000 in the 24-hour window—their best single day of fundraising ever. BSU students contributed 500 gifts on this day. This year there’s a million-dollar fundraising goal that Ball State President Mearns says he’s, “confident we can achieve”

An email sent out by Mearns on Monday said, “Join BSU for this special event by giving what you can and by participating in the activities we have planned on campus. Throughout the day you can share photos of yourself on social media in your Cardinal gear and let family and friends know why you give to Ball State.”

After the donations came through, Associate Director of Digital Engagement and Philanthropy, Stormie Kirby said, “Because of Cardinals across the globe, we raised $1M+ for our students and Ball State’s greatest needs.

Written by Taylor Staples

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