Record Temperatures This Weekend, Weather Whiplash Returns to Begin the Week

Record Temperatures This Weekend, Weather Whiplash Returns to Begin the Week post thumbnail image
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Hello, WCRD listeners! We made it to 69 degrees after some sunny skies rolled in during the midday, and our breezy conditions relaxed to give us a stellar afternoon for afternoon walks (or runs) in the much more spring-like weather we have been waiting for over the past few days. Up until Sunday evening, it looks like our temperatures are headed even further up from where we are too, and you might be asking yourself if summer is paying us a visit this weekend! Don't let your guard down, however - I am tracking some bumpy weather and a big change as we begin next week!

Photo Provided By The WCRD Weather Team

Tonight: The first showers associated with the warm front we are tracking arrive late tonight into very early tomorrow morning. Your evening plans look like they shall be fine if you are headed to any performances or events or even your usual Thursday evening activities. As for wind, if your neighborhood is doing any trash pickups, the winds do not look to be a problem for those trash cans rolling down the street like we might have had in many neighborhoods last night as well. Otherwise, you will notice we are getting much milder over the next few evenings which looks to be a good trend into the weekend!

Photo Provided by the WCRD Weather Team

Tomorrow: The bulk of the warm front rains should move through by the afternoon hours, and there is the chance for a stray thunderboomer as we have some instability/energy for these rolling through as the warm front makes its way through. We make our return to the lower 70s dodging some of those showers and storms, and we should be able to squeeze a clearing trend out of the later part of the day given trends in our latest forecast data. The winds of change shall begin to blow (and strengthen) as we roll through the evening as well (getting a bit breezy, as a matter of fact).

An even more mild evening awaits us as we roll into our Friday night, which brings up the happy return of a Ball State Student Life tradition, the Late Nite Carnival!! The kickoff for rides, food, and more is at 7 pm, and it is possible we could see some of the stray showers or even an isolated rumble of thunder greet us at the beginning, but it is possible that could move off earlier based on weather data trends we have been monitoring over this Thursday evening. Winds will be somewhat breezy and some gusts of 20 to even 30 mph could be expected, especially for the late-night portion of your rides and other fun.

Your 7-day Forecast: Hang onto your hats may apply to more than just your time on the rides Friday night! We have a couple of very stellar days to break out the shorts and hammocks and enjoy the outdoor plans as we have near-record highs possible on both Saturday and Sunday! The daily record high for Saturday, April 23rd is 84 degrees set in 1985, and 82 degrees for April 24th, which was set in 2009. This will be followed by what could be the chance for some severe weather Sunday night. A bit of a shocker follows with temperatures plummeting to the lower 50s into your Tuesday and Wednesday with frost and freeze potential returning to us since that weather's last visit this past weekend. What a wild ride, right?

-Weather Forecaster Ryan Hill

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