Wintry Mix Weekend, Expect a Sunny Week

Wintry Mix Weekend, Expect a Sunny Week post thumbnail image

Tonight: Good evening, as of 5 pm, the current temperature is 36 degrees. There is overcast skies with subtle winds blowing at 5 mph. If you are headed out tonight make sure you wear a coat and stay warm as temperatures are expected to drop in the low 30 degree range. Skies will remain also remain cloudy, so expect a dull, cool night.

Tomorrow: For tomorrow morning forecast expect a 20% chance of wintry mix of rain and snow until noon. Be cautious of the roads and pavement as you make your morning commute as they may be slick. There will be cloudy skies, temperature high of 38 degrees and by nightfall expect the temperature to be in the low thirty degree range. Please be safe and stay warm as you begin to kickoff your weekend.

7-Day: As we take a dive into our 7-Day forecast we can expect to see some fluctuating temperature ranging between the 30-50 degree range. There is a slight 20% chance of wintry mix of rain/snow for Friday and Saturday. For both Friday and Saturday it will be mostly morning base with the mix clearing up in the afternoon. Temperatures will stay in the mid-30s. As for Sunday, expect sunny skies as it will be a sunny Sunday. The high raising up to a solid 51 degrees and the low being 42. Enjoy that sun while you can! We are expected to stay in the 50 degree range for the high for Sunday-Tuesday.

–Forecast by Ky’Lie Garland-Yates



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