Sunny Skies

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  • Tonight – It’s currently about 38 degrees. Winds are coming out of the N at 12mph. While, it’s currently sunny outside, cloud will roll in and temperatures will drop to below freezing as we head into the evening hours.
  • Tomorrow – Skies will be cloudy, and temperatures will be slightly below freezing with the high for the day being 28 degrees. The expected low for the tomorrow will be in teens, around 14 degrees, so be sure to dress warm tomorrow.
  • 7- Day Forecast – Friday, the sun will be shining and temperatures will be at a high of 36 and a low of 25. Heading into the weekend, skies will be sunny and clear and temperatures will be back in the 40’s. Sunday, the chance for rain s pretty high as it is about 70 percent. These rain chances will continue going into Monday. Also, going into the the beginning o next week, temperatures will remain in the mid 40’s.
– Chief Weather Forecaster Morgan Taylor



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