Finally, Some Sunshine! But Why The Cold?

Finally, Some Sunshine! But Why The Cold? post thumbnail image

Tonight: As a high-pressure system moves in from the northwest, expect partly cloudy skies and temperatures dropping to a low of 26. Light NW winds will make wind chills feel like the low- to mid-20s, so keep a blanket near you tonight. But at least no more rain showers are expected.

Tomorrow: As the high-pressure system continues sticking around, expect the first day of sunshine in a while, with sunny skies. However, the air mass associated with the high-pressure system will lead to highs in the mid-30s, much cooler than Tuesday’s low-40s.

7-Day: As the high-pressure system sticks around for the next few days, expect partly sunny to mostly sunny skies and temperatures in the low-30s. After Friday, however, temperatures will jump up to the low-40s for Saturday and Sunday. However, rain will move in through Sunday night and Monday, so keep an umbrella with you for next week.

-Weather Forecaster Joseph Williams


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