Sunny Skies and Precipitation Chances

Sunny Skies and Precipitation Chances post thumbnail image
  • Tonight – Temperatures are currently in the low 40’s and as we head into this evening temperatures will remain in the low 40’s, with the low for the evening being 42. There is an 80% chance for rain this evening, so if your going to be out and about make sure to grab an umbrella.
  • Tomorrow – The chance for rain remains, but that chance drops to about 40%. Skies will be cloudy and temperatures will be in the high 30’s, with the high for the day being 37 and by the evening hours tomorrow, temperatures could be as low as 27 degrees.
  • 7 – Day Forecast – Wednesday, skies will be mostly sunny and the high for the day will be about 34, and the low will be about 21. Unfortunately by Thursday, temperatures will be back below the freezing mark, with the high for the day set to be about 26 degrees, and could be as low 16 degrees by the evening hours. Sunny skies, and temperatures with the high around the mid 30’s and the low around 22 degrees are what we can expect heading into Friday. Heading into the weekend, there is a small chance for some snow, but temperatures will be back in the 40’s.
– Chief Weather Forecaster Morgan Taylor



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