Warmer Weather and Rain Chances

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* Tonight – It’s currently about 62 degrees outside, and as we head into this evening, temperatures will drop into the high 40’s. Wind speeds will pick up as gusts could reach speeds of about 31mph. Also, there is a very high chance for rain. 

*Tomorrow – Rain will continue, and temperatures will be in the mid 50’s. Strong wind gusts will remain as well. Tomorrow evening, temperatures will drop to about 38 degrees

* 7-Day Forecast – Wednesday, the chance for rain drops to about 30%. Skies will be cloudy and temperatures will be as high as 53 degrees, and as low as 41. Thursday, the chance of rain continues. Temperatures will be back in the 60’s, but by the evening hours, temperatures will drop to about 40 degrees. On Friday, there is still a chance for rain  and temperatures will in the low 50’s and drop to freezing by Friday evening. Lastly, heading into the weekend, the chance for rain remains, but is low. Temperatures will be in the mid 40’s throughout the weekend as well.

– Chief Weather Forecaster Morgan Taylor



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