Ball State Housing Has Announced a Move-in Plan

Muncie,IN – In an email to students that will be staying in the residence halls during the 2020-2021 academic year, Ball State University Housing went through the move-in procedure.

The department is planning a different move-in method that has not been used in previous academic years, stating that in order “To help reduce the density of people utilizing hall entrances and elevators at any one time, we will be offering an alternative move-in process for this upcoming fall semester. This process will look different than previous years and will provide additional safety for students and family members helping with the move-in process.”

The move-in process will be divided into two steps: Item Drop-off and the traditional Student Move-In.

Students will be receiving an email in the upcoming days regarding the Item Drop-off procedure. They will be asked to complete a Covid-19 Health Assessment prior to scheduling an appointment date to drop off items within their respective dorms.

These one hour and thirty minute appointments will become available to schedule beginning on August 1 and will run until August 18.

Masks will be required by those within the residence halls. Those staying passed the allotted hour and 30-minute appointment window will be asked to leave.

Residents can bring a maximum of two people to assist in the drop off process and can complete the procedure at the same time as their roommate if they so choose.

A room key will be assigned to the resident’s dorm. Residents will not know the specific room number until they arrive on campus to complete the item drop-off process.

Housing recommends students to limit the number of items that are brought to campus.

Starting on August 19, premium plan students will be allowed to officially move into their respective residence halls followed by standard plan students a day later.

Each student will be assigned a specific time to return to campus and will be allowed to arrive either on time or after the predetermined time. Residents will also need to bring their key back that was assigned to them. Once they have arrived at their room, residents will need to complete the check in process into their respective dorms giving them swipe access to their hall and bathrooms.

Masks will be required, and students can bring up to two people to assist in the move in process.

Housing recommends that students move in between August 21 to August 23 to avoid crowding within the residence halls.

Ball State University Housing can be contacted by email at or by phone at 765-285-8000.

Audio Done By Dimitri Napoleon and the WCRD News Team


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