Rain Chances Ahead

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Tonight: As we continue into the evening, we will still see the wind advisory until approximately 7 pm. It will stay breezy throughout the night. Wind gusts can possibly reach 26 mph. The low will drop to 48 degrees with partly cloudy skies.

Tomorrow: We expect to see a high of 60 degrees with partly sunny skies. Winds will continue to stay strong throughout the day with gusts possibly reaching 26 mph. Overnight we expect to see a low of 42 degrees with winds slowing down to around 5-7 mph. Expect to see some rainfall after midnight into Saturday’s morning hours.

7 Day Forecast: We will stay dry for the next 24 hours, but as we look into the weekend we expect rain. Showers will move their way into Muncie during the morning hours of Saturday. Sunday rainfall totals will possibly reach an inch. With the freezing temperatures Sunday into Monday, there is a chance of a winter mix forming. The rest of the week we stay around the 40s and 50s.

-weather forecaster Rachel Stinger


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