Winter Wonderland

Today: It is currently 15 degrees outside but it feels like -2. The skies are cloudy with NE winds at 18 mph. The high is 16 degrees while the low is expected to near 8 degrees. There is a winter storm warning in effect until Tuesday morning around 7/8am, please be careful. There is expected heavy snowfall with a total of 7 to 12 inches expected between today and tomorrow. The roads are and will be very slick and possibly iced over. If necessary to travel drive with precaution and bundle up. As for nightfall it’s expected to only get colder. The wind chill is valuing at -3 to -5. The snow is supposed to carry on throughout the duration of the night causing a possibility of a snow accumulations of 4 to 8 inches. Enjoy, stay safe, bundle up and keep warm.

Tomorrow: For Tuesday, the high is 17 and the low is expected to be 1 degrees. There is a 30% chance of snow for the morning hours. Expect it to be mostly cloudy skies, with winds blowing northwest at around 8 to 11 mph. The wind chill is valuing at – 7 degrees.

Seven day: Over the next seven days the weather is expected to be cold with chances of snow throughout the week. Seeing very little to no sunshine this week, which is unfortunate. There is a winter storm advisory for all parts of Indiana (central, east central, southeast, southwest, etc) running from today until tomorrow. During the course of this week temperatures are expected to remain at a freezing level. Prepare for the snow along with the weather to impact your week. Please be careful and try to make the most of this cold weather.

–Weather Forecaster: Ky’Lie Garland-Yates


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